China Factory pump parts A8VO55 hydraulic pump spare parts
Minimum Order Quantity:1 pc
Supply Ability: 500-600pcs
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
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China (Mainland)
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Gear Pump
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High Pressure, High pressure
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Hydraulic pump spare parts
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Hydraulic pump parts
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Standard export boxes
Gear pump, valve plate, set plate, piston shoe, cylinder block
1000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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Carton, Standard export boxes
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Shipped in 2 days after payment

China Factory pump parts A8VO55 hydraulic pump spare parts



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China Factory pump parts A8VO55 hydraulic pump spare parts

Name Hydraulic pump spare parts
Type Hydraulic Pump parts
Used for excavator model A8VO55
More series: M5X, NX15, GM05, GM18, A6V, M2X, SG02, SPK10...
Stock condition In stock
Size STD
Category Group Hydraulic parts
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China Factory pump parts A8VO55 hydraulic pump spare parts

China Factory Supplier A8VO55 Gear pump for Hydraulic Pump parts



Part number Excavator model
20T-60-00400 PC50UU-1
705-52-20100 PC60-1
705-12-34210 PC60-1
705-14-24530 PC60-1
705-56-24080 PC60-3
705-12-29010 PC60-3
705-12-29330 PC60-3
705-14-28530 PC60-3
704-24-24410 PC60-6
704-24-24430 PC60-7
705-56-34000 PC100/120-1-2
705-22-35210 PC100/120-1-2
705-12-35330 PC100/120-1-2
705-16-28530 PC100/120-1-2
705-58-34000 PC100/120-1-2
705-22-34210 PC100/120-1-2
705-14-34330 PC100/120-1-2
705-16-26530 PC100/120-1-2
704-24-26400 PC100/120-3
704-24-26401 PC100/120-5
704-24-24420 PC100/120-6
705-56-24020 PC200-1
705-12-31210 PC200-1
705-12-31330 PC200-1
705-22-20000 PC200-1
705-56-24030 PC200-1
705-51-10020 PC200-2
704-24-28200 PC200-3
704-24-28230 PC200-5
704-24-24420 PC200-6
705-58-34010 PC300-1
705-22-34210 PC300-1
705-14-34330 PC300-1
705-16-28530 PC300-1
704-23-30601 PC300-3-5
704-24-26430 PC300-6
705-12-30010 PC400-1
704-23-30601 PC400-3-5
704-24-26430 PC400-6
937170 E200B
1262083 320B
1262016 320C
4181700 EX200-1
4255303 EX200-2
4276918 EX200-5
4181700 EX300-3
4181700 EX220-1
2437U157F1 SK200-3-5


More spare parts for K3V Hydraulic pump:

Pump Model Excavator Model Part number
K3V63DT SK04-N2/45/100/120, HE130W 2924530-0203/38501-151
R1300LC/-3,R130W/-3 2943800424
R1300W,HX60W-2,EC140W 2953801625
R160LC-3,R130LC/-3 2953801742
S120W,S150M,S130-3/5 29238752732
S130W,S120-V,S130-V 2943800426
S130-2,S130(N),CAT315 2933800889
SE130LC-3,SE130W/-3,MX132LC-2 2953801624
MX6W,MX135W,MX135LCM 2953801623
K3V112DT K3V112DT 2953801894
HD700/720V2/770/800-2/1023 2943800463
R200LC/2/M,R210LC,HX80N 2953801765
R200/W,R2000,R2000W/2 68710-00-211
HX80,R2200LC-3,R2200W 29238809990
R220LC-3,R2000W-2,SE240LC/-3 2933800774
R2000W-3,R200E,K907-II,HE220LC 2933800982
S220-3, S220LC,S170,S170-3 2933800883
S220LC-3,S220LC-V,S220-LL 124569A
SE210W-2,MX225,SE210LC/-2/-3 2953801769
K3V112BDT SK200-5  
K3V140DT K3V140DT 2953802069
SK300/-II/400-II,K916 3853802468
R912, R916,SE280LC/-2 2943800488
HD1200/SE2/1800 2953801840
R2800, R2800LC,R320LC/-3 29238936908
R3000, R3200LC,HX100,R2800LC 2933800890
R2800KLC,R2900LC-3,R290 2933801058
R3300LC-3,R4500LC-3 2933800903
S280LC/-3/-5,S280(N) 2933800902
S290-V,S290LC 2953801841
K3V180DT K3V180DT 2953802227
Original 2953802226
EX400LC-3 3853802466/38B00-151
SK20, SK300-3 2943800488
HD400-II/1250V2 2953801840
E450,E650,MX14/-2,SE350 29238936908
R360LC-3,R420-3 2933800890
R450LC-3,R3600LC-3 2933800903



2933800787 Cylinder block for K3V112DT-112R 9N29
3890R-313N                       3890L-314N Valve plate for K3V112DT-112R 9N29
  Piston shoe for K3V112DT-112R 9N29
2943800463 Set plate for K3V112DT-112R 9N29

Swash plate with support for K3V112DT-112R 9N29
Bushing and spacer for K3V112DT-112R 9N29
2953801769 SPRING- CYLINDER for K3V112DT-112R 9N29
68710-00211 PLATE- SHOE for K3V112DT-112R 9N29
2931100-0056 EPP VLV CASING ASSY for K3V112DT-112R 9N29
TCV40V Hydraulic pump seal kit for K3V112DT
38038300583-1 Gear pump for K3V112DT
2902440-0396A Gear pump for K3V112DT
  11E9-60010 Governor motor
11E1-1507                      ELEMENT
11E4-1506          HUB (12 teeth)
11E1-1509          INSERT-A
11E1-1510          INSERT-R
S109-160506    BOLT-SOCKET
11E1-1511        BOLT-CLAMP
S472-500102    PIN-SPRING
11E1-1507                      50H ElEMENT


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Packaging & Shipping



Terms of payment




Payment Term L/C,T/T, Western Union
Delivery Term Container shipment, air freight, express
Packing Standard export package
Delivery Time 1-7 days (Based on order Q'ty)


China Factory pump parts A8VO55 hydraulic pump spare parts



Company Information


About us:

We cooperate with many professional China Manufacturers, and work together more than 5 years. All spare parts for excavator with various brands we can supply for you! We spread our products to every corner of China, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and America, and provide professional information and service. We warmly welcome clients from all over the world to contact us for any enquiry, and we will try our best to provide professional service to satisfy you. Good communication, completely information of products, standard quality, great price and sincere attitude. Hope we can be your trusted partner!!! 



Business scope:


* All kind of seal kit, head oil seal, crankshaft, floating seal

* Hydraulic pump and the spare parts

* Engine assy and the spare parts

* Electric parts: Switch, sensor, solenoid, controller, starter motor, alternator...

* Rubber Parts and fitler series

* Undercarriage parts

* OEM spare parts 

China Factory pump parts A8VO55 hydraulic pump spare parts



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 China Factory pump parts A8VO55 hydraulic pump spare parts

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