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Causes of serious wear and tear of hydraulic pumps of excavators
2021/7/6 10:24:42

Severe wear and tear of the hydraulic pump has a fatal impact on the excavator, so such problems must be solved in time for the excavator. When repairing the hydraulic pump of an excavator, find the cause of the failure from the following three points:

     (1) Check the internal leakage of the boom cylinder

   The easiest way to repair the hydraulic pump of an excavator is to raise the boom to see if there is an obvious free fall. If the drop is obvious, disassemble the oil cylinder for inspection, and replace the sealing ring if it is worn.

   (2) Check the control valve

   First, clean the safety valve and check whether the valve core is worn or not. If it is worn, replace it. If there is no change after the safety valve is installed, check the abrasion of the control valve spool. The use limit of the clearance is generally 0.06MM. If the safety valve is severely worn, it should be replaced.

   (3) Measure the pressure of hydraulic pump

  If the pressure is low, adjust it. If the pressure still cannot be adjusted, it means that the hydraulic pump is severely worn.

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