E120 Reduction gearbox for final drive parts
Minimum Order Quantity:1pc
Supply Ability: 1000-5000pcs
Payment Terms: t/t, western union
Product Detail

E120 Reduction gearbox for final drive parts parts

Part name: Reduction gearbox
Used in excavator: E120
Category Group: Hydraulic parts
Category: Final drive
Equipment group: Construction equipment
Place of Origin: China
Payment Term: L/C,T/T, Western Union
Delivery Term: Container shipment, air freight, express
Packing: Wooden case or customer request
Delivery Time: ASAP (Based on order Q'ty)




EC290B Excavator parts we can supply for you:

Sr.No Machine Model Part No. Part Description
1 EC290BLC/Bprime 20450707 Technometer
2 EC290BLC 20482772 Cam Sensor
3 EC290BLC 20450685 Coolant sensor
4 EC290BLC 14527267 Solenoid Valve
5 EC290BLC 20450666 Injection Pump
6 EC290BLC 20450669 Nozzle
7 EC290BLC 14504652 Fan
8 EC290Bprime 11110733 Fan
9 EC290BLC/Bprime 14506982 Friction Plate
10 EC290BLC 100*115*120 mm Bushing
11 EC290BLC 90*110*110 Bushing
12 EC290BLC 100*110*120 Bushing
13 EC290BLC 20795413 Unit Pump
14 EC290BLC 14529303 Solenoid Valve
15 EC290BLC 14529294 Switch
16 EC290BLC 14536672 Pilot Pump/ Gear Pump
17 EC290BLC 15047209 Expansion Tank
18 EC290BLC VOE14528922 Cap : Fuel Tank
19 EC290BLC VOE14502207 Cap : Radiator
20 EC290BLC/Bprime 20450775 Piston Ring
21 EC210BLC 14532385 Sprocket
22 EC290BLC 20999715 Shaft  : Fan?
23 EC290BLC 90.SHORE Oring Kit
24 EC290Bprime 20943385 Gasket 1 Hole
25 EC290Bprime 14529832 Link, Master
26 EC290Bprime SA1182-00580 Link, Master
27 EC290Bprime SA1082-02720 Lock Pin, Master
28 EC290Bprime VOE20798043 Seal, Water Pump
29 EC290BLC 14570931 Gear 3rd Stage {For Final Drive}
30 EC290BLC 14566418 Gear 2nd Stage {For Final Drive}
31 EC290BLC 14566410 Gear 1st Stage {For Final Drive}
32 EC290BLC 14566415 Pin
33 EC290BLC 14566414 Washer
34 EC290BLC SA9325-06012 Spring Pin
35 EC290BLC SA8230-21020 Ring
36 EC290BLC 14566412 Needle Bearing
37 EC290BLC 14566433 Plate
38 EC290BLC 20450707 Speed sensor, Crankshaft
39 EC290BLC 14666416 Gear
40 EC290BLC 14566424 Gear
41 EC290BLC 7117-38240 Floating seal



Also sell well on various models for Hydraulic main pump, swing motor, travel motor, final drive, main control valve, Gear box.


Hydraulic main pump:

1. K3V112DT, K3V140DT, K3V180DT, K3V63DT, K5V140, DH258

2. AP2D25, A8VO107, A8V55 , A8VO55 HD450-5, E330B, E70B, E320B, E320C, EX200-2, EX200-3, EX200-5, HD550, HPV90 PC200-3, HPV102 EX200-5, HPV116C EX200-1, PC50, PC60-7 4D102, PC130-6...


Travel motor assy:

1. GM07, GM09, GM18, DH220LC-5, E70B, E312, E320B, E330, EC210BLC, EC360BL,EX60-3, EX200-3, GM03, GM05, GM35VL, HD700-7, HD800-5, HD900-7,  PC200-3, PC200-5...


Swing motor pump:

1.R55, EX310-3C, LS2800F2, M2X120B, M2X170EE, M2X170...


Main control valve:

E120, EX300, PC200-5...

Picture show

E120 Reduction gearbox for final drive parts





E120 gearbox 1.jpgE120 gearbox.jpg  HYD 2.jpg


Business scope:


* All kind of seal kit, head oil seal, crankshaft, floating seal


* Hydraulic pump and the spare parts


* Engine assy and the spare parts


* Electric parts: Switch, sensor, solenoid, controller, starter motor, alternator...


* Rubber Parts and fitler series


* Undercarriage parts


* OEM spare parts 

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